About Us

A Few Words About Us

N3 Oil Well Technologies is an enterprise founded by a group of research engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in the area of process and automation in the oil and industrial areas. In the area of Technical Support to Oil, Gas & Energy Operations, we help operating companies to reach their safety, performance and operational goals using proven practices as well as technological innovation. We identify the best international practices applicable to each case while also adapted to the the particularities and needs of our clients in regards to their capacities, restrictions and own operational culture. We include diverse special studies as well as conceptual engineering in our portfolio of services.

The company founders have successfully managed and executed projects in the areas of optimization of oil operations, plant commissioning and start up, industrial automation, telecommunications, among others. As a technological enterprise we are focused on innovative solutions without limiting ourselves to existing technology since we count on alliances with laboratories and manufacturers. This allows us to develop hardware that our software will operate, integrating them with the existing technology, thus creating an end-to-end solution. We are currently working on two patents of invention regarding automation of production processes and optimization software for industrial processes.

We are also developing solutions oriented towards the Internet of Things, where we envisage an important development in the coming years, making it all necessary for the industrial businesses to be ready in the points of attention represented by the security, interoperability of manufacturers, and the handling of information.